One the Road to Cadiz City

We only pass a road in one way only once.

All other circumstances would change… Too often, I find myself thinking, that I do want to photograph everything, because they are never going to happen again. I’m going to be a different person next time, and I will not be able to experience things the same way again.

In the long bus rides, it is inevitable to find interesting things to photograph along the way. This I find advantageous to my dislike for inactivity, and thus, I take full advantage of it. 🙂

This photo set is made up of scenes on the way from Dumaguete City to Cadiz City.

I always prefer the window seat, as it gives me the perfect vantage point to take my pictures. The views were mostly of the countryside, but the quaint little barrios and towns offered a good view of the bucolic colors of the place.
I was half-preoccupied with the movie, “Dark Shadows” which starred Eva Green and Johnny Depp (as a [dorky] vampire. 🙂 This particular scene was when she gave him her heart…literally. (Before this, the main entertainment was 80’s songs, which weren’t so bad too.)
A quiet roadside cemetery (although I am unable to recall which part of the trip this was.) I remember, while on a road trip with my family, with my father on the wheel, I had to ask him to stop for a bit because I had to wander off and photograph a really picturesque cemetery. (He is pretty used to it, though).
This is my attempt at a style (in street photography) of using “filters” to make a picture appear more interesting. The lady was seeing her husband off, and this was the view of her waiting at the bus stop through a “filter” of an unwashed bus window. hehe. 🙂
Lady selling candles by the wayside cemetery. (Different town)
Fire tree. San Carlos City.
Snack shop under a tree.
I thought the boy was pretty cheeky. He either was a natural-born climber to get so high up on the marker…or his dad put him on time-out. 🙂 Who knows?
Cadiz City Bus Terminal. May 29, 2015.
Escalante, Negros Occidental. May 29, 2015.

Mother’s Day at the Boulevard

It was like any regular Saturday afternoon at the Rizal Boulevard…vibrant, alive and well, colorful. 🙂

“I Love Dumaguete” in color, and then some. Also, I like taking pictures of kids.
“wallflower” was the first word that came to mind, with the space reserved for his “friends”, but it seemed that it was a choice to have fun on his own terms. 🙂


The weekend walkers. The breeze was nice that afternoon…
Little girls. And little kids in general. I love taking pictures of them.
The world is all the better for these moms who take the time out to enjoy their kids. 🙂 Happy Mother’s Day to the fulfilled women of our generation. 🙂
It’s a couple effort…they were slicing up ripe mangoes so he could sell them. I liked how “yellow” they were.
The ship will always find the port. 🙂
There are many kinds of moms…there are dads who are moms too.
Moms keep you safe.(Maybe sometimes too safe, but safe, at least.) 🙂
There was a guy and his wife who were cracking these sea urchins and putting them in a bottle. He only had a snorkel and was diving down for these… On the side note, i tasted some of these before. We put vinegar on it. They tasted like…the sea. For lack of a better word. Maybe if they were prepared differently…:-)
It’s the “cool dude” stare. Or maybe they noticed me taking their picture and didn’t like it. haha


Why I take pictures

On the See-saw. Dumaguete City. April 19, 2015.

I love Street Photography.

I love that the streets are teeming with stories, that, with just the right amount of bravery, you can pen a tale on them. 🙂

My sling bag contains a Sony RX-100 MII,  small black powerful little beauty that takes really good pictures in both low and good light. It’s a dream. I like the panel that flips so you can take your pictures ate difficult angles and still gauge the framing and see if you’re doing it right.

To honest, I find the experience of taking pictures with it exhilirating, as I feel like Vivian Maier with her medium format camera, documenting stories of life. Life is art, and the street offers life in its most vulnerable, ephemeral form.

After mass, I wandered around the playground while waiting for my father to bring the car around. It was high noon, and I was amused because despite the heat, there were still many children playing. Some were in the shade, but some, like these two girls, were out in the sun.

What draw my eye to them was my memory of being a small child who also played on them. I always loved the “up” side of the see-saw, and liked the height. However, I also remembered that it was hard to come back down when you’re up there…and a bigger kid weighed his side down so you couldn’t get back up.

It’s like a heady life experience, once you’re “up there” and happy, you’ll also need to think about the “downs”…or, at least trust someone (who may or may not be a bigger mean kid) to keep you safe and let you down easy when it is time.

And that is what I mean about being “brave” when taking these pictures. Sometimes, the things I take pictures of makes me reflect on my own life lessons.

And there is liberty in that.