Photos: Allie’s First Birthday!

 I actually enjoy milestones. And a couple of days ago, September 1, 2017, I was able to join in on the first birthday party of a darling little sweetie, Allie. 🙂 My dear friend Alex and his wife, Jennifer invited sent me an invitation a month beforehand to Allie’s Mad Hatter-themed birthday party. Now, AllieContinue reading “Photos: Allie’s First Birthday!”

Photos: The funeral of a great guy

Whenever he’s mentioned, people tend to say, “Job? He’s a great guy…” My Tito Job was buried today. He was a distant relative, but where I come from, people tend to go to funerals because the person that died had an impact on them in some form or other in their life. He died ofContinue reading “Photos: The funeral of a great guy”