Sugba Lagoon, Del Carmen, Siargao

Sugba Lagoon, May 11, 2017. 


Was in Siargao, Surigao Del Norte for a week. It was absolutely beautiful over there.

The takeaway lesson for this trip was that, if you say yes to an invitation, you just might get the surprise of your life…and a positive experience to change your heart for the better.


The day before All Souls Day

“So, what are you going to do with these pictures?”

(I often get asked why I take pictures… I have a voluminous collection of snaps in my iphone, which I carry around while my “formal” camera is in repair. I just see something I like, and then, I see possible stories in my head because of it. Or, in some way, I am reminded of something that happened to me…it could actually be anything.  The following pictures are examples.)

Gentleman in yellow. October 30, 2016.  (Do you know how, when someone looks up and points at the sky, you immediately want to look up and see what it was he was pointing at? Well, this was what I felt when I saw this person staring at something in the sky behind me. I actually never got to ask him what it was, but that look on his face was interesting enough.


It was just a big red dump truck, really eye-catching. You couldn’t miss it.
Flowers in ready for November 1 (which is a National Holiday for us here in the Philippines.
The theme for the afternoon was yellow.
Yellow #2 Girl in a yellow t-shirt, waiting for the florist’s version of ikebana.l
Yellow #3. I saw her while walking down the street to get to the pop-up flower stalls near the public market. She wore a gold-colored top, and a tiny yellow umbrella, which I doubt provided a lot of reprieve from the sun.  I think she probably was squinting, more than the fact that she was mad at me. 🙂

Photo: Fiery Copper

One of the reasons why I take public transport is the bevy of interesting characters that I encounter. She, the lady in this picture,  was one of them.

This picture strongly reminds me of the person who introduced me to #StreetPhotography via Chris Weeks and to the freedom of #Snapseed work, for some reason…

Thank you for inspiring my love (and compulsions) for this and to constantly want to be better at it. It has been really fun.

IMG_7281 (1)
Girl on Fire. July 3, 2016

Photo: Just Married, Dumaguete Style

I was heading back to my office on the busiest street in Dumaguete and I had the chance to see this interesting pair. What I noticed was mainly the voluminous white dress, folded up around her legs while the “blushing bride” hung on to her groom, who was driving the motorcycle.

She daintily adjusted her dress, while they were slowly attempting to go through rush hour traffic. Every so often, they’d turn and smile at someone parallel to them, which I saw, was a moving van, with a camera crew, who dutifully recorded their smiles.


I don’t know them, and they just suddenly popped into my viewfinder (ok, my eyes, and my phone camera haha). They were starkly different from the the view.

Personally, I thought it was a bit cheesy, but hey, love is supposed to be cheesy, and if they wanted it this way, then by all means they have every right to.

(Best wishes, you two! :-))

Photo: rock on the road



The rains had brought a landslide and the construction workers wanted to clear up the highway for the passersby to get through.  I was on the bus to work for this one. When you’re on a bus, you’re basically offered a higher vantage point than anyone else, and thus more interesting angles.



These pictures were taken back in 2010, when I used to ride the bus every other morning to get somewhere 2 hours away.

I like the details in it though, and the fact that it is a slice of life…a snapshot of a time.

~ S.