The rains have come

The rains have come

August 21, 2016.

It’s been raining all over the Philippines these past few weeks, but my hometown has only had its share (and it has been quote continuous). It let up a few hours ago, so I was able to test my new GoPro Hero 4 (Silver) outside.

I had won it in a raffle, and although my first reaction was one of…calm, because I had my biases against it. You see, most of the people I know who’ve used it, use it for selfies, or for group shots… I’ve never really seen people use it for anything else. Also, it didn’t have a lot of information with regards to my favorite genre of Street Photography.

However, because things happen to me for a reason, I decided to shut my mouth (effectively) and try to explore what it could offer. I’m definitely glad I did.

The GoPro Hero 4 Silver is one powerful little camera stored in a hard, almost indestructible case (ok, I exaggerate, but there is a reason why people use it for underwater shots and extreme sports…it IS that durable.)

I know that most people would mount it on a monopod (or selfie stick. :-)) and take pictures with it while viewing photos on their phone. I didn’t want to do that, of course. It just wasn’t…ergonomic for me.

Boy and Girl on the motorcycle. August 2016.

What I did instead was to take it out of its kit mount and put a cord through the remaining holes and put it around my neck. I did that because it made it much easier for me to keep my hands free and to “shoot from the hip”. 🙂

The pictures on this post are some examples. I’m not all that good yet, but I think that the GoPro’s compact size, powerful capabilities and adaptable settings give it a considerable edge for a photographer, when it comes to those shots were you have to do some quick thinking and carpe diem. 🙂

(Also, I shot using the 7MP medium format. It lessened lens distortions and allowed me to tweak considerably during post-processing.)

Middle-aged couple holding hands.


Waiting for a “pedicab” after the rain. August 2016


  Sunset after Mass. August 2016. 



Photo: “High Noon”

“High Noon”. March 30, 2016. #DumagueteCity


They were construction workers working on a road project near where I passed by.

They were resting on the curb, fanned by a bit of a breeze on the shade. They were an interesting trio, and I snapped this picture surreptitiously with my iPhone.

The looks on their faces, their casual posture showed a certain gratitude for the brief reprieve from the seemingly merciless sun at high noon. #

Photo: Just Married, Dumaguete Style

I was heading back to my office on the busiest street in Dumaguete and I had the chance to see this interesting pair. What I noticed was mainly the voluminous white dress, folded up around her legs while the “blushing bride” hung on to her groom, who was driving the motorcycle.

She daintily adjusted her dress, while they were slowly attempting to go through rush hour traffic. Every so often, they’d turn and smile at someone parallel to them, which I saw, was a moving van, with a camera crew, who dutifully recorded their smiles.


I don’t know them, and they just suddenly popped into my viewfinder (ok, my eyes, and my phone camera haha). They were starkly different from the the view.

Personally, I thought it was a bit cheesy, but hey, love is supposed to be cheesy, and if they wanted it this way, then by all means they have every right to.

(Best wishes, you two! :-))

Photo: Mr. Taco Man

taco man
The taco guy. March 26, 2016. Dumaguete City.


La Dolce Vita is a small, hole-in-the-wall restaurant at the boulevard area that had a limited menu, but great food. The taste was memorable, and we’ll definitely be returning to try their other offerings. It was unfortunate that we were only there for “something light”.

We will definitely be going back there.