Fair endings. Manila, February 2017

 The start of February had me going to Manila to participate in a lecture that focused on Psychodynamic Psychotherapy.

It was an extremely exciting feeling to be there to listen to my mentors do what they do best. They talked about their passion and zeal for Psychotherapy, as well as discussed the new trends and the principles and concepts behind it, with equal aplomb.

All of therapy is a relationship, and like any relationship, ground rules must be set and understood. One simply does not start psychotherapy, without a goal planned. What constitutes talk therapy is a whole lot of effort from both therapist and patient/client, and a good deal of time. And like any other relationship, both parties may come to a point where they have to say goodbye. To “terminate” properly, so that the lessons learned are understood. That feeling of abandonment, from when one is dropped hastily and without proper closure, does more harm actually despite the apparent progress in therapy.

This got me thinking about personal experiences with “improper termination” in a romantic relationship years back.  The severance of that relationship was sudden, and the boundaries were  never clear, and thus it took quite a while to adjust and process to.  It was perhaps one of the most confusing experiences I’ve ever been through. The pain from which, has eventually become “useful” later in life. We sometimes learn our lessons in relating the hard way. Unpleasant, yes, but life-altering, definitely. #

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