The introverted photographer

I have a confession to make…

While I aim to suck out “the marrow of life” on the street for my photography, I am, in many ways an introverted person. I could never dream of being a Bruce Gilden or a Chris Weeks who would get close enough to photograph.

At times when I get lucky, I’d be happy with the shot, or even try to befriend the person I was going to make my subject. Mostly, however, I am the type who would rather walk and watch on the sidelines…and be waiting to stealthily take a shot of something that catches my eye. Maybe I’m a Cartier-Bresson type, shy and quiet.

Other times, I would just look around and snap away…which is not the most desirable of techniques…

Man in Orange, riding a pedicab in Dumaguete. May 21, 2016. (I took a picture of him because he looked quite peculiar, what with his white newsboy hat, very round glasses, and the detailed print on his shirt. He also spoke in Tagalog while conversing with the driver. #character) 

Anyway, I take photos to document life…as it happened around me. I’ve said repeatedly that I didn’t want anything to do with taking a lot of selfies of myself, or take pictures of the food I’d eaten exclusively. Perhaps I also think that it is the reason why I post so much so often, ignoring the advice of “letting it sit” for a while before processing it.

Well, we’ll learn eventually to do things as creatively as we please. So far, I’m on this phase for now. #



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