Photos: National Elections 2016

May 9, 2016

Perhaps there was never any other election as highly anticipated as this most recent one.

Everywhere, people went to their polling places to cast their vote for the next president and set of officials.

I went with my cousin and aunt to the elementary school on the hill, where our precinct was located, and like everyone else in the country, we waited in line for our turn. The sun was blazing hot, and there were no canopies anywhere, and I came sorely unprepared, in a way. I was dressed in comfortable clothes, I had a fan to cool myself/shield my eyes from the glare, and my camera fully charged and iphone ready to take pictures with.

(Of course, I had to call my father for an umbrella…which he came with, along with a bag with a towel and a bottle of water, haha).

Anyhow, these pictures are just snapshots of what the elections looked like in my locality.

the walk down
First of all, it is in a school that is 155 steps up (and frankly is the worst place for a PWD.)
waiting child
A child idles her time away with her tablet while the grown-ups are waiting in line to vote.


A young dad’s cap said it all…We need more TREES!
This man climbed up 155 steps so he could get to perform his civic duty… how admirable.


Any shade was a welcome reprieve in that mid-morning heat.
Lining up outside the classrooms…
A little asynchronous, but in this day and age, all we need is love, right?








I think broken waiting sheds can still serve as partial shelters from the sun. (A friend of mine found this amusing.)    

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