Screams in ink

A short piece on my silent thoughts about writing in a journal and how private things need to be kept private.

A diary is like a confessional… the burial ground, the seed bed, the debating arena of all your deepest, darkest fears. No matter how large or small it is, it probably holds the biggest drama of the Colosseum of your life.
Inane or important, the words you write in it are of value to you or to anyone you wish to share it to. Which is why privacy is a necessary, albeit unspoken rule in diary-keeping. Oftentimes, it is the only refuge for a person to write down her troubles, and make sense of her loss. Or even simply, it is the repository of anger so it will come out only as screaming ink on paper, and not fists and yelling.

So, no, Ma’am, you cannot steal your teenager’s diary and yell at her because you’re upset of what she wrote about you. Maybe it would have stayed a healthy way of coping instead of you throwing theatrics and making it all complicated. It was never just about you.
If you see me nodding my head slowly and silently, I am not agreeing with you entirely, but it probably means that I’m writing in my mental diary, the words…that rhyme with truck and university. #Peeves

Edit: it’s 6:30am now, and rereading this made me realize how i need to edit some more, and how i’m fond of using lengthy sentences broken by commas.

#Peeves 😂

The introverted photographer

I have a confession to make…

While I aim to suck out “the marrow of life” on the street for my photography, I am, in many ways an introverted person. I could never dream of being a Bruce Gilden or a Chris Weeks who would get close enough to photograph.

At times when I get lucky, I’d be happy with the shot, or even try to befriend the person I was going to make my subject. Mostly, however, I am the type who would rather walk and watch on the sidelines…and be waiting to stealthily take a shot of something that catches my eye. Maybe I’m a Cartier-Bresson type, shy and quiet.

Other times, I would just look around and snap away…which is not the most desirable of techniques…

Man in Orange, riding a pedicab in Dumaguete. May 21, 2016. (I took a picture of him because he looked quite peculiar, what with his white newsboy hat, very round glasses, and the detailed print on his shirt. He also spoke in Tagalog while conversing with the driver. #character) 

Anyway, I take photos to document life…as it happened around me. I’ve said repeatedly that I didn’t want anything to do with taking a lot of selfies of myself, or take pictures of the food I’d eaten exclusively. Perhaps I also think that it is the reason why I post so much so often, ignoring the advice of “letting it sit” for a while before processing it.

Well, we’ll learn eventually to do things as creatively as we please. So far, I’m on this phase for now. #



Photos: National Elections 2016

May 9, 2016

Perhaps there was never any other election as highly anticipated as this most recent one.

Everywhere, people went to their polling places to cast their vote for the next president and set of officials.

I went with my cousin and aunt to the elementary school on the hill, where our precinct was located, and like everyone else in the country, we waited in line for our turn. The sun was blazing hot, and there were no canopies anywhere, and I came sorely unprepared, in a way. I was dressed in comfortable clothes, I had a fan to cool myself/shield my eyes from the glare, and my camera fully charged and iphone ready to take pictures with.

(Of course, I had to call my father for an umbrella…which he came with, along with a bag with a towel and a bottle of water, haha).

Anyhow, these pictures are just snapshots of what the elections looked like in my locality.

the walk down
First of all, it is in a school that is 155 steps up (and frankly is the worst place for a PWD.)
waiting child
A child idles her time away with her tablet while the grown-ups are waiting in line to vote.


A young dad’s cap said it all…We need more TREES!
This man climbed up 155 steps so he could get to perform his civic duty… how admirable.


Any shade was a welcome reprieve in that mid-morning heat.
Lining up outside the classrooms…
A little asynchronous, but in this day and age, all we need is love, right?








I think broken waiting sheds can still serve as partial shelters from the sun. (A friend of mine found this amusing.)    

Photos: Rommel and Tala’s Wedding

“Marriage is not about two perfect people…but it is about two people who are not perfect, but realize that they need each other.” (paraphrased from the homily)

I was in Manila very recently for my friend Rommel’s wedding…he had asked me to go almost a year ago before it happened, and I had promised, so I went. 🙂 It was a very nice, intimate wedding, with the entourage all clad prettily in pink, and happy. Quite small a wedding for a big family, but it was the kind where people knew each other, and the guests all knew the couple’s story.

Rommel and Tala had a sweet little love story…he was an intern in the hospital, and she was a nurse in Ward 3, while he was rotating there. He had a crush on her, and was mesmerized by her smile. This story, he told me before, but when he told it again to the family and friends who were there to wish them well, it sounded even more amusing. Well, they eventually became friends, and then, they became a couple, and then they decided to get married.

It is one of those love stories where you know that they were matured enough to just focus on each others’ needs and making each other happy. They never bothered anyone, and they obviously didn’t have any drama. Very nice and clear cut, all the way.


I have no doubt that this couple’s marriage will last, there’s love, effort and the desire to make each other happy… in their own special way. 🙂


Aww…this is cute. 🙂 
Dr. Tronco giving a heart-warming impromptu speech.
Tita giving her emotional Mother’s speech. 🙂


Pink and white balloons for good fortune.
“So this is what grown-ups do in a wedding…” – little girl. 🙂
Rommel chose Paco Park because it had a special significance….they had dates here, and he proposed here. 🙂
Flower girls
Little flower girl wants to play with her balloon…but the grown-ups are too busy. 🙂