Photo: Just Married, Dumaguete Style

I was heading back to my office on the busiest street in Dumaguete and I had the chance to see this interesting pair. What I noticed was mainly the voluminous white dress, folded up around her legs while the “blushing bride” hung on to her groom, who was driving the motorcycle.

She daintily adjusted her dress, while they were slowly attempting to go through rush hour traffic. Every so often, they’d turn and smile at someone parallel to them, which I saw, was a moving van, with a camera crew, who dutifully recorded their smiles.


I don’t know them, and they just suddenly popped into my viewfinder (ok, my eyes, and my phone camera haha). They were starkly different from the the view.

Personally, I thought it was a bit cheesy, but hey, love is supposed to be cheesy, and if they wanted it this way, then by all means they have every right to.

(Best wishes, you two! :-))

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