Photos: On Dreams

I often take pictures of things around me that I find interesting, regardless of where I am. On a drive to Jupiter Street, I found a few scenes which caught my eye. Looking through my pictures, I noted a theme. It was incidental, but nonetheless, “Dreams” came to mind.

The taxi driver had one quiet passenger in the back, and with the traffic at a slow crawl, he could have been drifting into microsleeps, or, well, just blinking. He could have been dreaming. 🙂

“Stephanie, I don’t think that she’s looking at him.”, my companion in the car said. Hmm…I looked closer. The young man was sitting at the entrance of the jeepney, and in the dark, she seemed like she was staring at him intently. On closer inspection, she really was thinking of something else. These four characters seemed to be in various stages of dreaming. Oh the stories that must’ve been in their heads! 🙂

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