Photos: Campuestohan

It was a playground in the sky.

Our kind host took us to a place in Bacolod which was pretty much a theme park and an adventure place all in one.

Like big kids, we couldn’t help but be entertained by the different sights and sounds (and high-flying rides) there. πŸ™‚

with my favorite Transformer robot, Optimus Prime. πŸ™‚ (Though he was papier-mache/cement, he had a commanding presence.)
with my friends (and goddaughter) in KingKong’s left hand… :-p (He’s a favorite.)
I don’t need a Prince Charming on a white horse…I’ll grab me a bronze(d) Apache brave instead. haha.
The teepees have a bathroom, are airconditioned and can hold 6 people. Not so bad digs, at all, if you ask me
early morning “muni-muni” session. haha
The resto looked like a log cabin of sorts.
This picture should have been on top. My bad. πŸ™‚
Pool 1 of 2. Kids actually love this place a lot.
These hamster wheel rides are scarier than they look. especially if you’re afraid of heights. πŸ˜€
daisies? love ’em.
Little Big Man. ahehe.
I love that you can see the wide expanse of the city in the distance… we were pretty high up in the mountains. This made for an especially chilly night.

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