Photo: San Carlos City, May 29, 2015

A few days ago, I was invited to a Medical Mission my friend was organizing for the year (she has done 7 so far), and since I was no longer bound by duties at my training hospital, I decided to give it a try.

The trip to get from where I am to Cadiz City was an estimated 4 hours worth of sitting in a bus. However, it took a whole lot longer than I expected. I think I was in the bus for a grand total of 8 hours…

I had no regrets, though, and although I would normally “hate” having to sit still in a bus for long periods of time, I enjoyed the journey. What awaited me at the end of my journey was also filling me with joyful anticipation…:-)


I got off the bus in San Carlos City so I could get something from the medical supplies store. The tricycle driver was a friendly chap… telling me that the base fare was “10 pesos” and it was up to me to give more if I wished.  The city was quiet and peaceful when I visited, and then I was able to see firsthand how warm and helpful the people were. They had the tendency to call me, “Madam”…instead of “Miss” or “Ma’am.  Though I was only there for less than an hour, I felt that I had seen enough to make a judgment. -)

The main mode of public transportation in San Carlos City. Kinda like the ones I was used to in Bais City when I’d visit…”easy breezy” rides too. 🙂
Small, intimate streets, with tree-lined avenues…
It was a candid shot. Sign: *Please don’t sit…* Boy: It didn’t say nothing about lying down on them….
I’ve been looking for black/white/silver decor…including a couch for my clinic… This looked pretty affordable, but I think this won’t fit in my clinic space for now… 🙂

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