Mother’s Day at the Boulevard

It was like any regular Saturday afternoon at the Rizal Boulevard…vibrant, alive and well, colorful. 🙂

“I Love Dumaguete” in color, and then some. Also, I like taking pictures of kids.
“wallflower” was the first word that came to mind, with the space reserved for his “friends”, but it seemed that it was a choice to have fun on his own terms. 🙂


The weekend walkers. The breeze was nice that afternoon…
Little girls. And little kids in general. I love taking pictures of them.
The world is all the better for these moms who take the time out to enjoy their kids. 🙂 Happy Mother’s Day to the fulfilled women of our generation. 🙂
It’s a couple effort…they were slicing up ripe mangoes so he could sell them. I liked how “yellow” they were.
The ship will always find the port. 🙂
There are many kinds of moms…there are dads who are moms too.
Moms keep you safe.(Maybe sometimes too safe, but safe, at least.) 🙂
There was a guy and his wife who were cracking these sea urchins and putting them in a bottle. He only had a snorkel and was diving down for these… On the side note, i tasted some of these before. We put vinegar on it. They tasted like…the sea. For lack of a better word. Maybe if they were prepared differently…:-)
It’s the “cool dude” stare. Or maybe they noticed me taking their picture and didn’t like it. haha


Down by the river

Early morning sunlight improves the mood. I needed some physical activity and quiet contemplation earlier this mornin, so I did what I usually do when I’m in the mood. I grabbed my camera and went for a stroll.

Today was a slow Saturday (for me, at least), and I saw there wasn’t a lot going on, except perhaps for the usual. I was contemplating things today,htinking about work,  life, love..  

One of the luxuries of living where i do in the province is the amount of time and space that I can take to work on things that I need to think about. It gives clarity to a lot of things.

~ S.


The Early Morning Explorers

    After a conference of consultants from different medical specialties, I was given an option to ride with other doctors home to my island. Where I come from, it takes a 15-20 minute barge ride to cross from Cebu City to Dumaguete. It was a nice summer morning, there was hardly a breeze, and not a ripple of a wave in sight. 

While waiting for the van to take its place in the barge, I was able to snap some pictures of the community near the pier area. Liloan, Cebu, had a well-kempt little commuity set-up, and were accustumed to seeing tourists and other passengers regularly walk through their streets and piers for years, so they paid no heed while we were there.

The calm, limpid waters were very soothing and the early morning light was still nice. I could not resist but take pictures of my favorite subjects (yes, people). 

While in the car, it was mostly business talk, as the other consultants were discussing start-up ventures, most such as a new hospital that a doctor-slash-businessman was planning to put up in our city. Currently, there were 2 private tertiary hospitals in Dumaguete, and one government hospital, so it is still a promising venture. 

They actually asked me if I would like to invest, but I politely declined for now, as I was still starting my own career in the city, and hadn’t the capital to invest. (“Ask your parents, maybe they would be interested.” they suggested. 🙂 Side note: We doctors have a late return of investment as we start our careers late.)

Anyway, I was very interested of course, but that can wait. I still need to be able to stand on my own two feet first.


There aren’t many psychiatrists where I am from, and I am the only female one practicing in our city, so when I gave out my cards, they were very encouraging and suggested that I already apply for a consultancy spot at the hospital. I had done my internship there, so they already knew me. One of them commented that I needed to teach as well. 

It sounded pretty promising, and when one of them said that he really needed to refer because there were many depressed patients among the chronically-ill ones that he was handling, i saw a ray of hope.  The psychologically-minded physicians can be very good partners. I’m even more encouraged to do my best.  


“Speak Softly, Love” on Asia’s Got Talent

Very recently, my family and I (my father most especially) has been watching ‘Asia’s Got Talent 2015) on TV…

My father is very patriotic and has been rooting for acts such as “Gerphil Flores”, “Junior New System” and El Gamma Penumbra…all of them Filipino.

I can’t say I blame him…they are all very good, and the young boys’ dance group and the shadow dancers have moved me to tears… Their passion while performing, as well as their life stories have been the stuff of drama. Their hard work paid off, and they are proudly showing off their art to the world.

This one is of Junior New System…(where they performed in heels) and wowed the Judges. (Nearly flawless performance…and they become overcome with emotion in the end.)

This one is of El Gamma Penumbra, they’re also in the semi-finals, as with the two other Filipino acts I mentioned before. 🙂

There is something about this performance, this story…I cry a little everytime I watch this. 🙂 I can’t blame the judges, I get emotional everytime… Art and beauty is always appreciated because it resonates with us, and for this piece of work, I think I related very well to the story they were trying to tell.

(Anyway, check these out if you have time.)