On Sunday Morning

May 24, 2014.

It was a Sunday, and while waiting for mass to start, I was outside for the breeze.

These have been hot and humid days, and I am thankful for a respite.

This young family caught my eye… I like to watch people as a pastime, and when I saw them, I could not help but pay attention…

They were a young family…appearing to be in their early 20’s, with their young boy wearing the same outfit as them. They kept close together, and their movements were free, but familiar. I could sense that the parents were happy with each other, and were comfortably talking, while their boy, who was used to his parents’ affection, kept close and also paid attention.

Their body language showed that they cared about each other, in that unobtrusive way that I liked. I could see that they moved with an easy grace as those who were used to each other’s moods and tempers. It was a delight to watch…

I have a fascination for people. I simply can’t stop marveling at what good things people are capable of, or the way they interact with each other.

It is definitely a beautiful thing.

Mother and Son.
Mother wiping off a bit of dirt on the child’s face.
IMG_20150524_115836 (1)
An intimate conversation. 

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