Photos: The funeral of a great guy

Whenever he’s mentioned, people tend to say, “Job? He’s a great guy…”

My Tito Job was buried today. He was a distant relative, but where I come from, people tend to go to funerals because the person that died had an impact on them in some form or other in their life.

He died of liver cancer…he was being treated at the hospital I worked in and I ran some errands for him, and tried to help them out when I could.

He lost the battle to cancer very recently…but in everyone’s hearts, he never wasted away in his last few days, but instead, became an even bigger man, by staying true to his work as a councilor, being a dad and husband, and cracking a joke or two to people who appreciated a boost.

He was a nice guy, he was always kind.

I never got to know him intimately in my childhood, but at least, where it mattered, I was able to know him.

Tito Job will be missed, not only by the family, but also by the town…

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