Mother’s Day at the Boulevard

It was like any regular Saturday afternoon at the Rizal Boulevard…vibrant, alive and well, colorful. 🙂

“I Love Dumaguete” in color, and then some. Also, I like taking pictures of kids.
“wallflower” was the first word that came to mind, with the space reserved for his “friends”, but it seemed that it was a choice to have fun on his own terms. 🙂


The weekend walkers. The breeze was nice that afternoon…
Little girls. And little kids in general. I love taking pictures of them.
The world is all the better for these moms who take the time out to enjoy their kids. 🙂 Happy Mother’s Day to the fulfilled women of our generation. 🙂
It’s a couple effort…they were slicing up ripe mangoes so he could sell them. I liked how “yellow” they were.
The ship will always find the port. 🙂
There are many kinds of moms…there are dads who are moms too.
Moms keep you safe.(Maybe sometimes too safe, but safe, at least.) 🙂
There was a guy and his wife who were cracking these sea urchins and putting them in a bottle. He only had a snorkel and was diving down for these… On the side note, i tasted some of these before. We put vinegar on it. They tasted like…the sea. For lack of a better word. Maybe if they were prepared differently…:-)
It’s the “cool dude” stare. Or maybe they noticed me taking their picture and didn’t like it. haha


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