“Speak Softly, Love” on Asia’s Got Talent

Very recently, my family and I (my father most especially) has been watching ‘Asia’s Got Talent 2015) on TV…

My father is very patriotic and has been rooting for acts such as “Gerphil Flores”, “Junior New System” and El Gamma Penumbra…all of them Filipino.

I can’t say I blame him…they are all very good, and the young boys’ dance group and the shadow dancers have moved me to tears… Their passion while performing, as well as their life stories have been the stuff of drama. Their hard work paid off, and they are proudly showing off their art to the world.

This one is of Junior New System…(where they performed in heels) and wowed the Judges. (Nearly flawless performance…and they become overcome with emotion in the end.)

This one is of El Gamma Penumbra, they’re also in the semi-finals, as with the two other Filipino acts I mentioned before. 🙂

There is something about this performance, this story…I cry a little everytime I watch this. 🙂 I can’t blame the judges, I get emotional everytime… Art and beauty is always appreciated because it resonates with us, and for this piece of work, I think I related very well to the story they were trying to tell.

(Anyway, check these out if you have time.)

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