My Lolly at 90

My grandmother recently celebrated her 90th birthday in a very colorful way...a Hawaiian-themed party by the beach. This one was of a candid moment while I was hosting the party, and she was the center of attention. She's a gem, and we love her everyday... 🙂

On seeing timekeepers

   The local department store has a clock display that always interested me.  They put up these clocks on the sliding panels so you could appreciate many designs and not take up so much space. (Now this is nothing new, as specialty stores like Gourdo's have these too for their scrapbook materials.)  These clocks cost [...]

Why I take pictures

I love Street Photography. I love that the streets are teeming with stories, that, with just the right amount of bravery, you can pen a tale on them. 🙂 My sling bag contains a Sony RX-100 MII,  small black powerful little beauty that takes really good pictures in both low and good light. It's a [...]