After the Storm

After the Storm. December 2014.
Surfers in Noir. December 2014.

After my cousin’s Mother-in-law’s (haha) birthday party last December, my cousins and I wandered over to the nearby surf spot… It was a unique little spot where the waves and correspondingly, the surfers converged, especially since the we’d had a storm.

I just took pictures here and there and have set them aside for a while. Since I woke up earlier than expected, I browsed through my pictures and looked at them through new eyes.  I was particularly inspired…and edited them in Noir filters, which I’ve never used before. It added a different dimension to the stories… 🙂

I use Snapseed the most these days…in fact, it is my favorite tool to use for editing. That’s a lot of magic you can do for a photo there. (I sometimes wonder how I could have lived without Snapseed if he hadn’t told me about it. haha.)

I would painstakingly edit my pictures before on Photoscape, but that was ages ago.

🙂 Snapseed is free to download.

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