On seeing timekeepers

Timekeepers. April 21, 2015.

The local department store has a clock display that always interested me. 

They put up these clocks on the sliding panels so you could appreciate many designs and not take up so much space. (Now this is nothing new, as specialty stores like Gourdo’s have these too for their scrapbook materials.) 

These clocks cost a little bit more than the average wallclock, and for good reason. They were not your run-of-the-mill wall clock designs. This as just a section of the wall that I rearranged for my picture. Some were gaudy, and some were sophisticated, some were utilitarian.

My fascination for all things colorful (and quirky) had me discreetly snapping away. My mother was at the side browsing, but she was a bit worried that I would be called out for taking pictures in a public place. The sales personnel of the Lee Super Plaza did not mind. (And that warrants free advertising from me, folks. :-))


Time is such a lovely thing, although it is something I take for granted more times than I can care to count. It is a graceful, malleable thing, until of course one squanders it in the pursuit of things that are unworthy. Then it becomes hard and rigid and frightful. There is no taking it back and there are only tears and regret.  Relationships are ruined, and prospects are left in the dust. 

It is terrifying, actually. These little lapses are mistakes that cannot be undone. 

So now, as much as possible, I do not let those precious minutes fall through the sieve on worthless pursuits. Or at least, I try very hard. 

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