Why I take pictures

On the See-saw. Dumaguete City. April 19, 2015.

I love Street Photography.

I love that the streets are teeming with stories, that, with just the right amount of bravery, you can pen a tale on them. 🙂

My sling bag contains a Sony RX-100 MII,  small black powerful little beauty that takes really good pictures in both low and good light. It’s a dream. I like the panel that flips so you can take your pictures ate difficult angles and still gauge the framing and see if you’re doing it right.

To honest, I find the experience of taking pictures with it exhilirating, as I feel like Vivian Maier with her medium format camera, documenting stories of life. Life is art, and the street offers life in its most vulnerable, ephemeral form.

After mass, I wandered around the playground while waiting for my father to bring the car around. It was high noon, and I was amused because despite the heat, there were still many children playing. Some were in the shade, but some, like these two girls, were out in the sun.

What draw my eye to them was my memory of being a small child who also played on them. I always loved the “up” side of the see-saw, and liked the height. However, I also remembered that it was hard to come back down when you’re up there…and a bigger kid weighed his side down so you couldn’t get back up.

It’s like a heady life experience, once you’re “up there” and happy, you’ll also need to think about the “downs”…or, at least trust someone (who may or may not be a bigger mean kid) to keep you safe and let you down easy when it is time.

And that is what I mean about being “brave” when taking these pictures. Sometimes, the things I take pictures of makes me reflect on my own life lessons.

And there is liberty in that.

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