Couch Sessions

"I think couches are necessary." (They're optional, and because of that, I would definitely want one in my clinic.) --- This was my thought when one of the consultants at the round-table discussion asked if we psychiatrists still had hour-long consults and couches in our clinics... The senior psychiatrist said that it wasn't necessary anymore, [...]

New Arrivals

I sat in the back seat, but I could not help but snap this. Probably a couple who hadn't seen each other in a while. (People sometimes ask me if I was worried about getting in trouble for taking pictures of people. I do, I suppose, but I don't take them out of malice, I [...]

After the Storm

After my cousin's Mother-in-law's (haha) birthday party last December, my cousins and I wandered over to the nearby surf spot... It was a unique little spot where the waves and correspondingly, the surfers converged, especially since the we'd had a storm. I just took pictures here and there and have set them aside for a [...]

My Lolly at 90

My grandmother recently celebrated her 90th birthday in a very colorful way...a Hawaiian-themed party by the beach. This one was of a candid moment while I was hosting the party, and she was the center of attention. She's a gem, and we love her everyday... 🙂